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Club Officers

President:                                         Vice President:
     Rita Jones                                           David Creveling
     dkjrlj@havilandtelco.com         dcreveling58@cox.net           
     (620) 478-2666                             (316) 683-3659 

Treasurer / Financials:                     Secretary:
     Gary Gibbs                                         Russ Stuhr
     gary.gibbs@aghlc.com               RStuhr@txtav.com                   
     (316) 267-7231                            (316)303-4911 

Tech Advisor:                                    Uprising Show Volunteer:
     Tom Wilhite                                          Don Feldt
     (316) 788-2323                                   dontiac@cox.net
                                                                 (316) 264-8761

Newsletter:                                        Website:
     Deanna Riebel                                  David Creveling
     deannariebel77@gmail.com       dcreveling58@cox.net
     (316) 217-1844
                              (316) 683-3659

Membership:                                      Uprising Contact:
      Les Linn                                             Mike Cooper
      trooperles@cox.net                        mikeandviccooper@gmail.com           
      (316) 788-6969                                   (316) 655-1408


Join the Club!

      We are a car club dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Legendary GTO, LeMans, Tempest as well as all the other vehicles built by Pontiac.  We sponsor cruises and shows, and we host regular meetings and tech sessions.  Our newsletter, CHROME, corresponds with other GTO and Pontiac clubs int he United States and Canada.  Membership in the Greater Wichita GTO & Pontiac Club, Inc. entitles you to free advertising in CHROME and on the Greater Wichita GTO & Pontiac Club, Inc. website  Annual Dues are $25.00.

Click below link to get a printable application form:

Greater Wichita GTO & Pontiac Club Membership Application Form

Please complete the application form, print and mail along with your $25.00 dues check to:

Greater Wichita GTO & Pontiac Club
C/O Les Linn
8367 Peach Lane
Derby, KS  67037
(316)  788-6969

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